Hygiene stations

Combined process flow: simultaneous cleaning and disinfection of soles and hands.

With our innovative hygiene stations, we offer customer-orientated solutions for no-compromise hygiene at the entrance to and exit from the production area, with guiding system and optimum time utilisation. Tailored to all room situations and for all hygiene standards.

Top hygiene design of all elements such as housing contour, switchboard and railing. An ergonomic transition of the systems is ensured by step guides, handrails and steps. The brushes can be removed very easily and without the use of a tool for cleaning. Grates with step-detection sensors and a 24 V control voltage ensure a high standard of safety. The plug-in railing and superstructure make it possible to bring them into buildings with narrow door widths.

The modular construction system for the incorporation of automatic hand washing and disinfection modules as well as access controls is the basis for a very wide variety of application possibilities.

We support you in the implementation of your hygiene requirements and are happy to advise if you have any questions about personal hygiene.